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For IT Leaders

Composable API Based CPQ Architecture

Veloce’s composable API based CPQ architecture is an agile platform that enables our customers to implement new CPQ processes and adapt to the constantly changing business requirements quickly.

Salesforce CPQ

External Configurator and Pricer for Salesforce CPQ

Looking to salvage the investment you’ve made in CPQ and tackle those hard to reach use cases? Download the Salesforce CPQ External Configurator One-Pager here from Veloce CPQ.

Press Release

Veloce CPQ Acknowledged for Best Functionality in CPQ Vendor Assessment

San Francisco, CA – January 10, 2023 – Veloce CPQ announces that Nucleus Research, a provider of technology research and advisory services, has published its annual assessment of market leading CPQ solutions. The report is available for download here.

Salesforce CPQ

How Veloce CPQ augments Salesforce CPQ

We work with Salesforce customers to help them to augment Salesforce CPQ. There are five areas where Veloce can help companies get the value that they were expecting from Salesforce CPQ.

Press Release

Increased Operational Efficiency and Revenue With Veloce CPQ

Nucleus Research published a report highlighting results of increased revenue and reduced operating costs achieved by companies in the Network Security, Payments, and Medical Device industries after implementing Veloce CPQ. Download it here.

CPQ Education

Using CPQ to Help Weather the Storm in An Economic Downturn

The R word. The signs are all around us it seems — from large layoffs at tech companies to slowdowns in manufacturing and a potential new round of supply-chain disruptions brought on by pandemics. What is the best course of action when fighting economic headwinds?

CPQ Education

5 Tips for Selecting CPQ Software

If the CPQ fits, wear it! But much of the time — let’s be honest — the CPQ doesn’t fit. Here’s an insider look at how to successfully choose a CPQ partner, from a seasoned executive who has seen it all when it comes to companies looking for the right fit (okay, maybe I haven’t seen it ALL, but pretty close!)

CPQ Education

Don’t Let Your CPQ Tool Dictate Your Business Process

Not only have you NOT seen an ROI since you deployed your new CPQ application—assuming you were actually able to deploy, the CPQ has not brought the desired results to your sales and quoting process.

Customer results

Report: 3 Customer Successes with Veloce CPQ

Download the Nucleus Research report highlighting Veloce CPQ results of increased revenue and reduced operating costs achieved by companies in Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Health Care sectors.

Customer results

A conversation with medical device company Nevro about their CPQ project

Listen as Joe Parlett, VP of Sales at Veloce, interviews Bryan Hix, VP of Commercial Operations at Nevro about the success of their recent CPQ project with Veloce. Bryan gives the results of the project as well as helpful tips for implementing a CPQ project of your own.


CPQ Platform for Large Enterprise

We have many cases where the enterprise customers use our CPQ platform to develop CPQ solutions that are so unique that only Veloce CPQ can solve their problems.

For Systems Integrators

Behind the Curtain: Veloce Metadata Driven Development Tool

The Veloce team works hard to develop solutions that simply work and require no coding for the customer’s admin team. We take care of the CPQ development, so our customers can take care of business. However, for Systems Integrators and Developers, I’m providing a glimpse of the tool our team uses behind the scenes.

Communications Industry

CPQ Success Story Telecommunications

A cloud communications customer switched to Veloce so their sellers can now create fast & accurate quotes for 2,000+ locations in a snap. Get the story here.

Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS
CPQ Pain Points

Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS

Are you with a SaaS company in the market for a CPQ solution? Beware a common sales tactic of advising you to deprioritize more complex use cases for phase two deployment. We hear stories from customers that have been told by a CPQ vendor that you should solve simple problems first and leave complex use cases for later.

CPQ Education

Constraint-based Vs Rule-based Configuration Engines

When evaluating CPQ solutions, you may hear about constraint-based vs. rule-based configuration engines. This post will help make sense of the pros and cons of both. Veloce CPQ is exceptional in that it makes use of both constraint-based versus rule-based technologies. Read on to see why this is a benefit.

For Sales Leaders

Gain Insightful Deal Metrics with CPQ

Understanding the comprehensive structure of a deal is crucial in decision making. Not only should a well-configured CPQ system make it easy for your sales team to efficiently get through your quoting process, it should also give your leadership easy access and clear visibility into the deal metrics that will drive their decisions on deal structure.

For Sales Leaders

Examples of Sales KPIs that CPQ Can Impact

There’s a lot that goes into achieving sales goals and CPQ can play a critical part in either hitting or missing your numbers. This post looks at examples of Sales KPIs that the right CPQ can significantly improve, and how.

CPQ Education

Veloce CPQ – Luigi Aditiarama interviewed by Frank Sohn of Novus Consulting

What’s the secret sauce in Veloce CPQ and why is it a great option for today’s high tech enterprises and manufacturing companies that have struggled with their CPQ projects? Listen in to Luigi Aditiarama, Veloce’s VP of Product at Veloce, as he talks with Novus CPQ Consulting’s Frank Sohn.

CPQ Pain Points

Why One Size Fits All CPQ Product Doesn’t Work for Most Customers

When I started Veloce, my own CPQ company, I knew from day one I needed to design and implement a CPQ platform that is very powerful and customizable to solve various CPQ problems. It also needs a flexible UI and lightning fast performance to ensure high user adoption.

For Systems Integrators

Why we designed our own product modeling language?

When it comes to managing enterprise applications, people generally love point and click administration tools. They’re easy to learn and execute. But when it comes

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