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About Veloce

Veloce (pronounced veh-LOW-chay) means “fast” in Italian.  Our heritage is in designing and delivering performant system response times for large complex quoting scenarios.  

Since then, we have developed multiple technologies and proven processes to design and accelerate your most complex deployments.  We are using our solutions to accelerate the adoption of RLM through our forward compatible migration products that will ensure you can solve your problems of today while investing in your future.

As a solution provider, we speed the delivery of customer solutions through orchestrating your product to cash systems with Salesforce RLM.  Our expertise is in providing delightful user experiences while ensuring complex, high volume technical complexities are solved. 

Our Mission

The mission of Veloce is to simplify a complicated world by delivering performant solutions that speed the adoption of Salesforce RLM across the product to cash journey. 

Our Story

Veloce is the brainchild of founders with more than 50 years of collective experience building and using quote-to-cash systems — Siebel, Trilogy, and now Veloce. In 2016, Co-founders Shaowei Mao (the innovator behind Veloce’s sophisticated configuration and pricing engines) and Greg Davis teamed up to solve one of the most complex problems in configure, price, quote. They were told by the tech giant whose problem they solved that their solution was ‘light years ahead of the competition.’  Veloce CPQ was born.

Since this time, Shaowei Mao has moved to Salesforce and Veloce continues the mission to deliver performant user experiences to accelerate RLM adoption across the broader product to cash process.  

Our Leadership

We’re a team of tech-savvy geeks smarter than each other in different things. We are excited by big problems and our product offers elegant solutions. We have spent many years in enterprises, and are now building the world’s fastest and most intuitive global CPQ.

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Don Khamapirad is responsible for directing the company’s growth at scale and furthering its leading position in the digital transformation of business processes. He is an accomplished technology executive with nearly 22 years of leadership, managerial and sales experience within the software industry that includes several VP positions at Conga, Oracle and Legion. 

Co-Founder and CTO

Dmitrijs has been building software for 15+ years and leading teams of developers for 5+ years. He has designed, built and supported numerous B2B products, from standard CRM and ERP configurations all the way to custom development of complex quoting configurations across distributed networks of suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and internal users.

VP of Delivery and Customer Success

John has over 25 years of sales and quoting enterprise software implementation experience and has led the delivery of CRM and CPQ projects for many fortune 500 companies over the past 21 years while working at Accenture, Siebel, Oracle, aMind Solutions and Onis Solutions. John is known for leading delivery teams that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Veloce Careers

Our product is global and so is our team. Visit our careers website to learn more about working on some of the most challenging problems in quote-to-cash.

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