CPQ for Small Business with Enterprise Power at a Fraction of the Cost

Veloce CPQ
for Small Business
(and Medium Sized too!)

All of the functionality previously only available to the Enterprise is now available as Quick Start CPQ for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (“SMB”).

Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can Keep All Requirements In Scope

Veloce was originally designed for the most complex enterprise requirements. Because of this development legacy, the functionality of Veloce CPQ is extremely rich.

Now, Veloce brings this broad feature set to companies of all sizes. Veloce can very quickly configure and deliver a robust end-to-end CPQ solution for the Small and Medium Sized Business.

In a matter of weeks, Veloce will have your sales teams up and running.

What to expect with Veloce CPQ? 

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Something for everyone.

Your entire team will love the Quick Start Implementation of Veloce CPQ for SMB

Sales Executives
Enable sellers to quickly generate quotes, leaving them more time to sell
Salesforce Admins and IT Leaders
Veloce handles the setup, and you are empowered to manage the application day to day
RevOps and SalesOps Superheros
With Veloce you'll give your sellers the independence you've all been waiting for
Anyone with a watchful eye on ROI and Time-to-Value for your business systems