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CPQ Pain Points

Personalizing Your CPQ Experience

Around 99% of the CPQ tools available these days cannot be personalized when it comes to UI/UX interface. You have what you get out of the box; there is no way to change it. Veloce does it differently with a customizable interface.

For Sales Leaders

Why Performance-Oriented CPQ Solutions Matter

66% of an Account Executive’s time is spent on other, non-selling activities. With 34% of their selling time left, businesses should provide a blazingly fast and superior CPQ experience to help them maximize their limited time.

CPQ Pain Points

Stop Eating Soup with Chopsticks

If your CPQ experience has felt like eating soup with chopsticks for a year (or more), we want to hear your story. Let us peek at your data. We have an automatic migration tool that enables us to run your existing CPQ in Veloce with no effort whatsoever. We will show you what CPQ should be. I guarantee you will see a huge difference.

CPQ Pain Points

Why Veloce Requires Zero Custom Coding

Custom code in your CPQ solution may solve an immediate problem but it creates much bigger problems for future maintenance. With these built-in mechanisms we offer out of the box to extend Veloce, your implementation with Veloce will never have to rely on custom code outside the product. Let us repeat. Never.

High Tech & SaaS

Race to Market with Veloce Accelerator Packages: SaaS

Veloce CPQ has industry-focused Accelerator Packages that get you to market twice as fast as traditional CPQ systems running on Salesforce. And after deployment we make it just as easy to make updates and additions so you can go to market with your new products twice as fast too.

CPQ Pain Points

The Veloce Example of a Superior CPQ

At Veloce we’ve met with companies who are running top tier Gartner magic quadrant CPQ solutions and who are having big trouble adding new products to their CPQ system. We’re not talking about changing the system or adding new functionality or visualizations. We are talking about basic product updates and additions. We can explain how our system works better.

CPQ Pain Points

Welcome to Your “Imperfect” CPQ

You implemented CPQ for your organization and something unexpected happened. Somehow, those slick demos your CPQ vendor presented during pre-sales never came to be. What you have doesn’t quite do what you were told it would do. And this highly imperfect, not quite right job it does, it does very slowly. So slowly, you are afraid your sales will never use it. Not just afraid, you’re pretty darn sure they won’t. Here’s our six steps troubled CPQ recovery process


The story of Veloce Part 3 of 3

At Veloce we have learned from our passionate — some would even say obsessive — focus on CPQ over the past 20 plus years to create a superior CPQ system.

Here are the seven core reasons our CPQ product is better:


The Story of Veloce Part 2 of 3

In 2015, I met my CPQ soulmate and Veloce co-founder Shaowei Mao when we both joined the market leader in the rapidly growing CPQ space running on Salesforce. It took a short time for both Shaowei and I to reach the same conclusion: the technology offered by this company was quite weak compared to CPQ products we were both familiar with from 10 or even 20 years prior.


The Story of Veloce Part 1 of 3

Technology is built by people. But technology companies don’t often share the personal experience behind their technologies. Our personal story explains how we were able to create a CPQ technology that a global tech giant told us is “light-years ahead of the competition.”

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