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Communications Industry

CPQ Success Story Telecommunications

A cloud communications customer switched to Veloce so their sellers can now create fast & accurate quotes for 2,000+ locations in a snap. Get the story here.

Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS
CPQ Pain Points

Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS

Are you with a SaaS company in the market for a CPQ solution? Beware a common sales tactic of advising you to deprioritize more complex use cases for phase two deployment. We hear stories from customers that have been told by a CPQ vendor that you should solve simple problems first and leave complex use cases for later.

High Tech & SaaS

Race to Market with Veloce Accelerator Packages: SaaS

Veloce CPQ has industry-focused Accelerator Packages that get you to market twice as fast as traditional CPQ systems running on Salesforce. And after deployment we make it just as easy to make updates and additions so you can go to market with your new products twice as fast too.

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