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Composable Architecture Enables Omnichannel Growth

To remain relevant and sustain growth in any industry, you must constantly innovate. Your products need to adapt at a torrid pace to meet the ever-changing whims of the customer.

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Gain Insightful Deal Metrics with CPQ

Understanding the comprehensive structure of a deal is crucial in decision making. Not only should a well-configured CPQ system make it easy for your sales team to efficiently get through your quoting process, it should also give your leadership easy access and clear visibility into the deal metrics that will drive their decisions on deal structure.

For Sales Leaders

Examples of Sales KPIs that CPQ Can Impact

There’s a lot that goes into achieving sales goals and CPQ can play a critical part in either hitting or missing your numbers. This post looks at examples of Sales KPIs that the right CPQ can significantly improve, and how.

For Sales Leaders

Why Performance-Oriented CPQ Solutions Matter

66% of an Account Executive’s time is spent on other, non-selling activities. With 34% of their selling time left, businesses should provide a blazingly fast and superior CPQ experience to help them maximize their limited time.

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