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How I Trained ChatGPT to Write PML

Have you tried out the amazing ChatGPT? If you’ve interacted with it or seen screenshots of what it can do, you know there could be endless possibilities.


The story of Veloce Part 3 of 3

At Veloce we have learned from our passionate — some would even say obsessive — focus on CPQ over the past 20 plus years to create a superior CPQ system.

Here are the seven core reasons our CPQ product is better:


The Story of Veloce Part 2 of 3

In 2015, I met my CPQ soulmate and Veloce co-founder Shaowei Mao when we both joined the market leader in the rapidly growing CPQ space running on Salesforce. It took a short time for both Shaowei and I to reach the same conclusion: the technology offered by this company was quite weak compared to CPQ products we were both familiar with from 10 or even 20 years prior.


The Story of Veloce Part 1 of 3

Technology is built by people. But technology companies don’t often share the personal experience behind their technologies. Our personal story explains how we were able to create a CPQ technology that a global tech giant told us is “light-years ahead of the competition.”

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