Composable Architecture Enables Omnichannel Growth

Things have changed. Customers have changed. They now demand access to your products across multiple devices and channels. Successful enterprises meet this demand. 

It requires an agile architecture that can evolve quickly and support rapid new product release cycles to expand distribution and increase revenue.

Likewise, your business systems require an unprecedented level of flexibility. But how do you get rigid legacy enterprise systems to cooperate with your strategy around modernization? 

Innovation Must Happen at a Systems Level

To support this perpetual change, your systems must be architected in a way that the components are interchangeable. 

This approach has come to be known in recent years as composable architecture. 

The benefit of composable architecture is flexibility, i.e. the solutions that best fit the company’s needs can be brought into the commerce stack on an extensible, as-needed basis.

This requires a plan for modernization of your systems to include a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (“API”) strategy. 

In your composable architecture, the APIs will be critical in allowing you to scale.

Veloce’s API-first approach

The goal of helping businesses scale has been built into Veloce’s API first approach.

Veloce’s composable API based CPQ architecture is an agile platform that enables our customers to quickly implement new CPQ processes in order to adapt to the constantly changing business requirements. 

This includes leveraging our APIs in customer portals for partner quoting, ecommerce, and customer self service.

With Veloce’s composable architecture, you are able to expose CPQ to your other systems without integration headaches.

Veloce provides a number of API’s for the Product Catalog, Product Model, Pricing, Approval, DocGen and more. 

Composable Architecture Allows for Maximum System Flexibility

Your vision will evolve, your processes will change and your systems will support the processes and vision best when designed of composable architecture. 

Veloce CPQ, designed from inception to with an API-first approach, has both basic available APIs and the ability for customers and System Integrators (SIs)to compose additional APIs easily with our API Composer. 

To accommodate innovation, your systems have to be flexible.  Veloce was built to support this flexibility.

It’s the only way to deliver the business outcomes which support the ingenuity of your internal teams while also satisfying your customers. 

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