CPQ Platform for Large Enterprise

As we know CPQ is very complex and there is no one size fits all solution for it, especially for big enterprises. Currently a lot of large enterprises have multiple CPQ systems in house and none of them can meet all the requirements. This is why we started Veloce and built a powerful CPQ platform that can meet all requirements from different divisions and different channels.

Out-of-the-box CPQ plus dev tools

Veloce CPQ platform is very powerful, highly customizable and performant. It can handle simple CPQ requirements out of the box easily, and solves complex CPQ problems through our powerful development tools. Furthermore we train our customers to maintain these powerful CPQ systems themselves. System Integrators (SI) can also use these tools to customize our solution and develop the CPQ solution that meets customer requirements.

Here are a handful of examples of how our platform is solving problems across industries.

CPQ for Communications

We have a communications customer who needs to configure and price their services in thousands of locations for their customers. They also need to upgrade, renew, and terminate the services in different locations with different start and end dates. They tried multiple CPQ solutions and none of them worked for them. They came to us and we built a powerful CPQ solution that met all of their requirements. We trained their internal developers to maintain the solution using our dev tools. See more on our CPQ solutions for the Communications industry.

CPQ for Payments

We have a global payments customer whose calculation rules are so complicated that existing CPQ solutions just can’t handle it with reasonable response time. We implemented all their calculation rules with sub second response time on the top of existing CPQ solutions. They are so happy that they adapted our CPQ solutions for other regions. We also trained their third party developers to use our dev tool to develop and maintain the solutions. Now they are adding new features and developing CPQ solutions for more regions with our platform. See more about Veloce CPQ for payments here.

CPQ for Business Services

We have a business service customer. Their configuration process is so unique that existing CPQ solutions can’t handle it with reasonable UX. We designed and implemented a new UX for their business service configuration and significantly improved productivity of their sales reps. This customer also utilizes our CPQ service in their partner portal and lets the partner configure their business service themselves. 


We have many cases where the enterprise customers use our CPQ platform to develop CPQ solutions that are so unique that only Veloce CPQ can solve their problems. If you have any challenges with your CPQ requirements, please contact us. We will definitely solve your problem with our powerful CPQ platform. Veloce got its start solving problems, and we’d love to solve yours.

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