Download the Nucleus Research Matrix on CPQ Technology

Veloce is the highest ranked vendor in 'Functionality' in the 2022 CPQ Technology Value Matrix

In Veloce’s first year of inclusion in the study, we are proud to be placed furthest to the right on the “Better Functionality” axis. 

Download the CPQ Technology Value Matrix.


Nucleus Research is known as the leading provider of investigative information technology research and advisory services. Analysts for Nucleus Research are experienced in concentrated technology solution areas and use a financially focused investigative approach to uncover invaluable information on the value of technological solutions.

From the report: “Veloce helps optimize selling by equipping users with easy-to-use tools that help them quote and sell more creatively. An advanced configurator enables organizations to also keep highly complex quoting requirements in scope while simultaneously boosting the speed and performance of quoting processes.”
Cameron Marsh
Research Analyst