Salesforce CPQ External Configurator

Advanced Configurator and Pricer for Salesforce CPQ

Looking to salvage the investment you’ve made in CPQ and tackle those hard to reach use cases?

Download the One-Pager here

External Configurator

Complex and massive quotes

Veloce’s configuration and pricing engines were developed to handle the most complex products and your largest quotes and pricing agreements.

Amendments and renewals

Manage new business, amendments & renewals with the visibility and control you’ve been looking for to make customer lifecycle management a breeze.

Easy to use for all sales channels

An intuitive admin gives you the control of your system you’ve been asking for. Use Veloce's UI design tool to configure the UX you need for each of your sales channels.

Already using Salesforce CPQ? Because Veloce is built on Salesforce, it was natural for us to team up with Salesforce CPQ to extend its solution. With the combination of Veloce and Salesforce CPQ, you can keep your most complex quoting requirements in scope. We make it easy for your sales team, support team, partner or customer to create optimal quotes with an exceptional user experience and unimaginable performance. If you’re having challenges in any of these areas, there’s a good chance that putting Salesforce CPQ together with Veloce can help you get the value out of CPQ that you were pursuing when you began your project.