How Veloce CPQ augments Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a very popular CPQ solution on the Salesforce platform and there are a lot of happy customers using Salesforce CPQ. As with any enterprise software solution, there are always limitations and some corner cases which are beyond the reach of Salesforce CPQ. In cases like these, we work with Salesforce customers to help them to augment Salesforce CPQ. There are five areas where Veloce can help companies get the value that they were expecting from Salesforce CPQ.

1. Complex configuration and pricing

Configuration complexity can span a variety of use cases. Complexity can be related to the configuration of a high end server, a data center rack, medical devices, jet engines, etc. These product or solution configurations may require a large volume of complex rules resulting in large configurations that are beyond the reach of Salesforce CPQ. This is due to a shortage of expressive power of Salesforce CPQ and platform limitations.

On the other hand, the Veloce configuration engine was built from the ground up to model complex configuration rules with deep hierarchies and process large configurations with lightning fast speed. Veloce also has a very powerful pricing engine which allows you to price the line items during configuration. This may sound like table stakes, but pricing line items during configuration is an action that will bring most Salesforce-based CPQ solutions to their knees.

The Veloce product model can utilize all data from Salesforce CPQ. For example, we can load all products from the product2 and product option tables, as well as list price from price entry. Veloce can then save the configuration back to the Salesforce CPQ quote line to seamlessly integrate with downstream systems. Veloce also supports the end-to-end process for 10,000+ line item quotes, taking them from quote, to order, to contract subscription, and back to quote — the full end-to-end quoting process.

2. UX

Almost all customers have unique needs for UX. A one-size-fits-all solution in CPQ cannot satisfy the market. A lot of customers want to configure their products and services in a specific way. For example, a medical device manufacturer requires a completely different UI/UX than a company that is configuring a data center filled with cabinets, racks, and highly configured servers. We can design a specific UI to meet a customer’s need to improve Salesforce CPQ UX.

3. Approval Rule

Sales representatives want to see approval status while they are configuring the quote. We can run approval rules against large amounts of line items and indicate which approval rules are violated and which line items are causing the violation.

4. Subscription Management

If you have 1000+ line items in your quote, it will be challenging to go through quote-to-order to subscription process. However, Veloce has built the process to move large line items through the quoting process and produce the same line items as Salesforce CPQ to ensure that both Salesforce Billing and integration with other systems still work seamlessly.

5. Document Generation

Veloce has a powerful document generation engine that can handle large amounts of data. It can query any number of records in any object from Salesforce without succumbing to a governor limit. It also can transform queried data to different formats and render them within the documents.


Companies looking to salvage an investment made in Salesforce CPQ can look at extending functionality with Veloce’s External Configurator and Pricer for Salesforce CPQ

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