How Veloce CPQ is Different from Other CPQ Apps

The driving theme of development for Veloce CPQ is working with customers who are on CPQ apps that can’t perform what is needed. We see this often, where customers have been on other CPQ apps and requirements go unmet despite promises to meet the need in the ‘next’ development phase. 

Customers migrate to Veloce because their previous CPQ app worked so poorly they had to break up large quotes into smaller quotes or even resort to manual quoting.

Our long experience of designing and implementing complex CPQ solutions for Fortune 500 companies helps us understand CPQ requirements. We know what works and what doesn’t work in current CPQ products. 

For instance….

CPQ Apps Lacking Functionality in Salesforce

We find from our current customers that the CPQ apps they have tried, even the leading market solutions:

  • are weak in terms of functionalities, robustness (or lack of it), and ease of use 
  • are run by weak CPQ engines unable to configure anything complex
  • lack functionalities existing in configuration engines developed even ten years ago.  

However, some of these CPQ apps are doing very well in the marketplace. 

Is it because the marketplace has nothing better to offer?

We looked around and found that there are no good CPQ apps in the Salesforce market that can handle complex CPQ problems common in telecom, complex manufacturing and high tech, saas, and other industries with complex quoting needs. 

We set out to change that.

Here are two areas in particular where Veloce has disrupted the CPQ apps market.

Maintenance Is Costly on Other CPQ Apps

One area that is neglected in most CPQ apps is ease of maintenance. 

We’ve seen companies have to hire an entire team to maintain the CPQ system in a specialized development environment. 

Needless to say, this makes the total cost of ownership very high. 

Veloce has a UI designer that enables non-technical users to customize configuration UI using out of box UI components. Expert users can build customized configuration UI using html template and typescript.

Other CPQ Apps Lack the Capability for Customization

Veloce’s out-of-the-box solution works incredibly well for a good number of companies, especially the Small to Medium Sized Businesses

However, since there are infinite varieties of product configuration problems, out-of-the-box can only go so far to meet the more complex requirements.

Beyond that, we’ve tackled the capability for customization. Our customers have clamored for this, so Veloce allows for customized UIs and customized configuration

Salesforce CPQ External Configurator

Our experience has enabled us to design a very powerful, highly customizable CPQ solution to overcome the shortcomings of — or extend the strength of — previous or current CPQ products.

Still on Salesforce CPQ? Veloce has an External Configurator to extend the functionality and your investment. 

If you’re considering migrating your process off of Salesforce CPQ, consider Veloce CPQ.

Migrate Easily from Your Current Platform to Veloce

Fear of an unknown migration process from one CPQ app to another stops many companies from solving their quote to cash process problems.

We’ve been through this process many times with customers and have developed migration tools to make this process easier; so existing investment in product catalog, model, and pricing data is preserved.

Veloce CPQ is built on more than 20 years experience in CPQ space. We understand the state of art technologies used inside configuration engines and have built something truly remarkable in Veloce CPQ. Let us know if you would like a Proof of Concept demo to see the ease with which Veloce will configure, price, and quote your products or services.

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