Personalizing Your CPQ Experience

In the corporate world, offering personalized experience is the key to win clients. All business deals are unique, and sales reps need to tailor each one according to their specific requirements. With the availability of CPQ tools, businesses have found some respite from the error-prone and slow nature of the manual quote process. However, there is one big problem with the current CPQ applications. These applications have very difficult-to-use UI/UX interfaces that are almost impossible to personalize.

With over 20 years of direct insight into the CPQ business, Shaowei Mao and Greg Davis developed Veloce, a CPQ application that provides enterprises with the fastest way to design quotes and is easily customizable with the help of a built-in Veloce UI designer. Veloce is a revolutionary product that is specifically designed to make your business processes faster, efficient, and customizable according to your needs. 

Around 99% of the CPQ tools available these days cannot be personalized when it comes to UI/UX interface. You have what you get out of the box; there is no way to change it. An enterprise business typically needs CPQ for two main purposes:

  • Internal use for its salespeople
  • External use for its partners or direct customers

The internal and external work environment often needs different interfaces; therefore, they need a CPQ solution that can be easily personalized based on the type of work environment. The currently available tools come with one-size-fits-all interfaces which significantly affect the efficiency of the employees. Enterprises need to do full customization of these tools to build an external CPQ channel with a proper look and feel which result in:

  • the need to spend a lot of money and time for developing and hosting a full-fledged web application (e-commerce)
  • the need to dealing with complex processes of connecting with other web services APIs
    the necessity for long term maintenance which is costly and time-consuming

Veloce, with its revolutionary UI/UX designer, solves the problems mentioned above to save your business a lot of money and time by making the CPQ process much more efficient and faster. The innovative Veloce UI designer:

  • is 3x faster than other market tools when it comes to ease of personalization
  • has a lower cost of maintenance
  • has high user adoption due to superior UI/UX
  • is particularly useful for different industries such as telecommunication, healthcare/life sciences, and manufacturing sectors that require a CPQ tool that can be personalized to the way they sell their products

Veloce UI designer has been designed to provide businesses with the fastest way to personalize the look and feel (UI/UX) of their CPQ tool easily without the need for coding. As discussed above, an enterprise business needs a CPQ tool for:

  • its internal sales department
  • designing quotes for customers
  • partners to speed up the whole workflow

Primarily catering to the above needs, Veloce allows business admins to easily select built-in UI components and edit the HTML code if needed, without the need of APIs. It is a multi-channel application that enables businesses to maintain everything in one place and reflect those changes in other channels without any hassle. It is a tool that provides your business with the personalized experience that no other available CPQ tool in the market can offer.

CPQ experience can be frustrating with one-size-fit-all interfaces. Veloce will make your experience more fulfilling and rewarding through a personalized interface at every stage of the CPQ process.

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