Race to Market with Veloce Accelerator Packages: SaaS

Veloce CPQ has industry-focused Accelerator Packages that get you to market twice as fast as traditional CPQ systems running on Salesforce. And after deployment we make it just as easy to make updates and additions so you can go to market with your new products twice as fast too.

Once we get you live twice as fast, you will see many other benefits of our superior CPQ system. Most importantly you will see:

  • Better performance: 2 to 20 times faster than the market leader
  • Personalization: richer visualization out of the box that your UX team can easily extend with our UX Design Tool
  • Simultaneous configuration and pricing with real-time performance that creates a much more realistic, informative, and effective CPQ process for your sales


Our template-based approach supports the CPQ functionality and user experience tailored to your industry use cases. Just add your data to start configuring, pricing, and quoting in Salesforce with the highest performance, most personalized CPQ system available on Salesforce platform.

SaaS Accelerator Package

Today we will talk about our first industry template designed for companies selling SaaS.

Veloce CPQ supports all known SaaS pricing models out of the box. We have seen that leading vendors do not support pricing models like ARR and relative pricing, which means implementation teams end up writing custom pricing callbacks to support these models.

The horror story of the often abused pricing callback: these evil little pieces of custom code are unfortunately featured in many implementations built on leading CPQ vendor technologies. Going outside of the core product with custom callbacks is a big no-no. This creates an uncontrolled piece of code that adheres to no standards. They are often written by 3rd parties with no direct influence or knowledge of future product direction. Worst of all they cause maintenance nightmares and performance problems. Don’t do it.

With Veloce CPQ, you never ever need to write custom code to support pricing features. We promise that. 100% guaranteed.

Veloce CPQ SaaS Pricing features:

  • ARR/MRR calculation
  • Price Waterfall
  • Price Plan
  • Multiple & Conditional
  • Charge Types
  • Conditional Price Plans
  • Price procedure
  • Multi-dimensional price matrix
  • Attributes-based pricing
  • Simple price rule (References fields on same price line item)
  • Complex price rule (References fields on parent, sibling, or child price line items)
  • Relative price (Price related to another price)


Veloce CPQ SaaS pricing also enables out of the box inclusion of real-time price analysis visualizations geared to the SaaS. This gives your sales instant access to visual guidance about the quality of their quotes. Common charts: product by product breakdown of recurring subscriptions, ARR analysis, ACV analysis, and price history. You can include any of the above reports and even add your own with a few simple clicks.

Complete Personalization

Our SaaS UX template provides you with great user experience for SaaS CPQ with fast product configuration, pricing and quoting. Your UX team also has access to our UX Design Tool where they can extend your CPQ user experience to meet any special requirements you may have. Our UX tool has a drag and drop interface for selectively including or excluding any parts of your products and product attributes.

Fast Performance, guaranteed

Veloce CPQ SaaS guarantees sub-second performance for SaaS quotes of up to 100 products (assuming you are using our standard features).

With minimal product and pricing information we can get you up and running in no time.

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