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Customer Success Report

Download the Nucleus Research report highlighting results of increased revenue and reduced operating costs achieved by companies in the Network Security, Payments, and Medical Device industries after implementing Veloce CPQ.

NUCLEUS RESEARCH customer report 2022

Loved by Sales and Revenue teams at:
“Since implementing Veloce, the SASE company has grown significantly in large part due to their ability to target more enterprise level customers. With Veloce, they can now produce quotes with thousands of lines.”
Cameron Marsh
Research Analyst

Two primary benefits of Veloce were found in common among the customers:

  • increased revenue, and
  • reduced operational costs

While customers in Cyber Security, Financial Services, and Medical Device industries were not named, additional results were reported:

  • quoting errors were reduced by 70 percent
  • pricing team efficiency increased by 50 percent
  • doubled revenue in one year since deploying Veloce