Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS

Scaling a CPQ Solution for SaaS

Are you with a SaaS company in the market for a CPQ solution?

Beware a common sales tactic of advising you to deprioritize more complex use cases for phase two deployment. We hear stories from customers that have been told by a CPQ vendor that you should solve simple problems first and leave complex use cases for later.

Here’s how it’s been described to us: they promise you that they will solve your complex use cases later. However, when you get down the road and come to the complex use cases, you find that there is no way the CPQ product you purchased can solve them.

To make matters worse, you find this out after you hire a system integrator. The system integrator tells you that the product doesn’t support your use cases. You’re told you have to build a custom solution or buy another CPQ product to solve the problem.

Sound familiar?

Scaling CPQ from SMB to enterprise level

If you are a big enterprise, you need enterprise level solutions.

What about the small and medium sized businesses (SMB), though? Would it be wise for an SMB to consider enterprise level solutions taking into account future growth? The misconception would be that a SMB should stay away from enterprise solutions because of cost or complexity.

However, what if I told you there’s an enterprise level solution that can solve your simple use cases easily and affordably that will also scale up to solve your complex use cases as you grow?

Experience with complex use cases makes Veloce the choice for growing SMB

Veloce CPQ is such a kind of CPQ solution.

In the past few years, we have been focusing on the most complex CPQ use cases and solving them elegantly. We took what we learned from our experience solving complex use cases and built a lot of advanced features into our vertical solution and brought them to SMB at the cost that SMB can afford.

This is especially important for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

SaaS companies have high growth CPQ needs

As we know, SaaS companies grow fast and their products get complex. Eventually, they will need to sell their complex products to the enterprise.

SaaS companies often purchase a CPQ solution, and then find that the platform can’t support their growth

Manual quoting impedes growth

We have a SaaS customer who purchased a simple CPQ solution. As they grew exponentially to 100M ARR within 5 years, they found that the original CPQ solution just couldn’t handle their use cases anymore and they had to do manual quoting. Imagine going from a working CPQ solution to manual quoting for enterprises! This significantly handicapped their growth.

They came to Veloce and we delivered a CPQ solution that handles their most complex CPQ use cases. Veloce has enabled them to sell to the largest of companies. Some of their customers require quotes for thousands of locations, and the quotes can have more than 10,000 quote lines.

Veloce CPQ is an optimal solution for SaaS companies

If you are a SaaS company and plan to grow your business significantly in the next few years, choose a CPQ solution that can scale up to support your sales to the big enterprises in the next few years.

We invite you to consider Veloce CPQ. Our solution is so powerful to solve any complex use case, while at the same time it is very easy to set it up with point and click administration. The robust Veloce platform meets all of your CPQ requirements including guided selling, subscription management (including comprehensive amendments and renewals), documentation generation, deal metrics, approvals, etc. The price is very affordable for small SaaS companies.

Please let us know if you are looking for a CPQ solution that can support your future growth. We would love to have you be our next Veloce success story.

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