Accelerate revenue growth with omnichannel sales

Intuitive CPQ for all of your sales channels

Say goodbye to end user frustration and hello to adoption.

Drive revenue by putting your sellers and buyers in the driver's seat

Sales Team

Reduce friction that slows down quotes and closing
No more long delays in getting quotes out

Partner Quoting

Partner sellers can have their own quoting interface
Veloce makes it intuitive with Guided Selling


Guide the sale for customers and end users
Maximize sales with a frictionless e-commerce experience
Delight your sales teams

Empowering thousands of
Sales Professionals

We make it easy for your sales teams, support teams, partners and customers to create optimal quotes with an exceptional user experience and unimaginable performance.

No coding required! Optimal UX for admins and every sales channel

Configures and prices 100% accurate quotes in milliseconds

Visually rich, engaging, real-time product search and filtering

Supports all types of pricing, including asset and usage based models

Close deals quickly with a quote that gives visibility into all line items

Optimize your recurring revenue with intelligent upselling and cross-selling

Intuitive and easy to use administration

Veloce Admin

Admins can use Veloce’s design tool to layout intuitive user interfaces for every sales channel. No coding required!

The best of both Constraint & Rule configuration

AI Constraint Solver Engine

Support both constraint and rule with high performance goal execution and constraint propagation algorithms 

Market with Innovative pricing & dynamic product bundling

Veloce Catalog

You have complete control of how your products are represented within our flexible catalog

Flexible and extensible pricing tool

Flexible Pricing Engine

Veloce’s pricing engine is capable of being highly customized for advanced enterprise requirements.

Designed to perform under large data loads

Document Generation

Improve Subscription Retention and Eliminate Costly Errors

Subscription Management

Looking to accelerate your revenue growth?

Experience the power of Veloce for yourself.