Embrace Agility in Product Distribution

In today’s market, agility is essential. Deliver flawless customer experiences across all channels, including online, mobile, and physical stores, to stand out from the competition.

Our solution? Composable API based CPQ architecture - your ticket to agility and rapid evolution.

What is the difference between monolithic (more traditional CPQs) and composable architecture?

In a monolithic architecture, the entire application is developed as a single, indivisible unit. This means that all the components (such as UI, business logic, and data access) are tightly integrated and run as a single process.

Composable architecture promotes loose coupling between different components or services. Each component is designed to operate independently and interact with others through well-defined interfaces.

How does it work?

Choose any combination of products and iterate as your needs change

Why Veloce?

Tailored to Your Needs

Explore our APIs to streamline your CPQ process from start to finish: product configuration to quote generation.

Speed That Drives Conversion

Learn how our high-performance APIs enhance user experience, making them perfect for e-commerce applications.

Crafting APIs Made Easy

Say goodbye to the complexity and swagger files. Compose your APIs for exactly what you need within Veloce to be consumed by any other system.

Efficiency Redefined

Our composite APIs make critical CPQ processes like configuration and pricing easy, automating tasks to save you time and money.

Adapt and Thrive

Discover how Veloce’s composable API based CPQ architecture empowers you to adapt quickly to changing business requirements.

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