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Complex quoting made Easy

Accelerate sales with omnichannel quoting that is intuitive, easy, & fast. 

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Salesforce quoting made simple

The "C" in CPQ stands for Configure, not complicate

Finally, an External Configurator add-on for Saleforce CPQ that removes the complexity from your configuration process and enables all sales channels to configure, price, and quote with ease. 

Easy to use and maintain

An intuitive admin experience gives you control of Veloce without having to code

Incredible performance

Veloce processes your transactions 10-20x faster than legacy CPQ platforms. With Veloce, no more system time-outs!

Large & Complex Quotes

Easily configure, price, and quote the most complex products, subscriptions, and services, even with thousands of lines.

Platform for the modern enterprise

Make your go-to-market strategy a reality

You no longer need to descope complex mission critical requirements. Veloce enables you to sell your products and services in alignment with your go-to-market strategy on the Salesforce platform.

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Gain the Veloce advantage

Three Veloce customers share their results in a report by Nucleus Research

Effortless quote-to-cash

Increase market share with frictionless quote-to-cash

Create effortless selling experiences no matter how much complexity is inherent in your products or services, or the rules in getting them to market. 

Watch the process that Nevro, one of Veloce’s customers, went through and hear results.

Ecommerce omnichannel CPQ platform

Run headless or with Veloce's UI

Veloce is built with a composable architecture and an “API first” approach, so that it can be easily integrated to any commerce platform. Therefore, any front-end channel can hook into Veloce’s APIs and provide the experience desired for that channel.

Veloce also has its own configurable UI and design tool to customize the user experience for your internal sellers, partners and/or customer self service.

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