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Complex quoting made Easy

Accelerate sales with omnichannel quoting that is intuitive, easy, & fast. 

RLM solutions that

Solve Complex Problems Today

Delight customers with solutions that are fast, intuitive, easy, & forward compatible. 

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Salesforce Solutions

Efficient Renewals and Amendments

Finally, solutions for Salesforce customers that remove the complexity from your renewal and amendment process and enables your sales and renewal teams to handle add-on’s, renewals, and amendments in one quote with hundreds of groups and thousands of line items while simplifying forecasting.

Easy to use and maintain

Designer UX delights users. A complete managed services offering that gives you control without having to code

Incredible performance

Veloce solutions process your transactions 10-20x faster eliminating system time-outs!

Large & Complex Quotes

Easily configure, price, and quote the most complex products, subscriptions, and services, in one quote.

Salesforce Solutions

Large Group and Massive Line Items

Veloce provides solutions for any depth of product hierarchy with rules that traverse many groups delivered in aesthetic user experiences.  We pride ourselves on our high adoption, high performance, and efficient solutions.   

Designer Experience

Veloce’s UX technology is configurable to handle any size QLE with user defined  interfaces

API Orchestration

Veloce’s API technology efficiently moves granular changes and large volumes for efficient processing 


We can extend beyond Salesforce to incorporate data and logic across multiple systems for high performance transactions

Salesforce Solutions

Usage Based Quoting and Billing

End to end solutions to incorporate usage based offerings into your product to cash processes.  Our solutions optimize transaction pricing to ensure you maximize your different revenue models while ensuring accurate revenue recognition and invoicing processes.     

Maximize Salesforce

Extend your investment in Salesforce to encompass usage based offerings


We use newer technologies proven to scale to several billion line items

Credits & Rebates

Ensure your customer balances are accurate and optimized across your product to cash processes.  

Salesforce Solutions

Forward Compatible with RLM

We ensure every budget dollar is spent building the future and not investing in the past.  Our unique solutions allow for Salesforce customers to solve your problems today using Salesforce RLM and/or CPQ while ensuring a productized migration into future releases of RLM.   

Intelligent Design

Our design services will build your solutions with a forward compatible architecture to ensure an easy migration. 

Packaged Migration

Our pre-built solutions and processes allow for minimal customer resourcing.

Speed Adoption

 Confidently solve problems today to improve your product to cash processes.

Platform for the modern enterprise

Make your go-to-market strategy a reality

You no longer need to descope complex mission critical requirements. Veloce enables you to sell your products and services in alignment with your go-to-market strategy on the Salesforce platform.

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Ecommerce omnichannel CPQ platform

Run headless or with Veloce's UX

Veloce solutions are built with a composable architecture and an “API first” approach, so that it can be easily integrated to any commerce platform. Therefore, any front-end channel can hook into Veloce’s APIs and provide the experience desired for that channel.

Veloce also has its own configurable UX and design tool to customize the user experience for your internal sellers, partners and/or customer self service.

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